Michael J. Sullivan – Riyria Revelations

Posted: februarie 23, 2012 by Schizoid in Lecturi

In ultimele doua zile m-am delectat cu seria Riyria Revelations a lui Michael J. Sullivan, o bijuterie de 6 romane din care s-au publicat 5 (serie in curs de republicare drept o trilogie) si o povestire scurta gratuita. Daca faptul ca recenziile sunt toate pozitive nu, poate descrierea autorului te va convinge: The series is intentionally written with a “light hand” avoiding long-winded descriptions of unfamiliar names in order to keep the pace rolling. The result is a story that creates depth though the plot, characters, action and dialog, rather than narration.

Pot sa confirm ca fiecare carte are ~3-400 pagini si totusi se simte ca un epic fantasy veridic, actiunea se desfasoara intr-un ritm fenomenal acum ca povestea nu e ingreunata pana la situatia in care stam pe loc zeci sau sute de pagini pagini datorita descrierilor, gandurilor si planurilor cum se intampla la G.R.R.M. si David Anthony Durham.

Seria o pot descrie drept un amalgam genial intre Lord of the Rings, Lethal Weapon si Indiana Jones. Inchei postul cu citatul meu preferat din povestirea scurta:

Royce sighed. The sigh was new. “You don’t know this woman. This isn’t your problem.”

“I know that.”

“So why are you helping her?”

“Because that’s what people do. They help each other. If you saw a man lying in the road with an arrow in him, you’d stop, wouldn’t you?”

“Of course,” Royce replied, “anyone would. A wounded man is easy pickings, unless you could see from your saddle that someone else has already taken his purse.”

“What? No! No one would rob a wounded man and leave him to die.”

Royce nodded. “Well, no. You’re right. If he has a purse and you take it, it’s best to slit his throat afterward. Too many people live through arrow wounds, and you don’t want the bugger recovering and coming after you.”

  1. A.C. spune:

    Liz Bourke says „Bleah!” 😀


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